Intox is one of the newest brands to hit the Atlanta scene this year, but a lot of people do not yet know who exactly we are or what we do.
First we would like to say that Intox in no way encourages drinking irresponsibly. We would love everyone to enjoy all of our products at a safe consumption. As most can tell, Intox is short for intoxicating, which has a double meaning. It also means to stupify or fascinate. Anybody who has experienced a Team Intox drink can agree that they are indeed fascinating because of the perfect mix of flavors and potency without the overbearing alcohol taste.

The core of Team Intox has years experience in bartending and truly understands what it takes to create a great cocktail. None of the drinks in our line up will taste like anything you have ever tried. Each creation is tested atleast four times with quality ingredients because we simply do not believe in a low quality end result.

We gladly invite you to venture around our website and get a good feel for who we are and what we do!

Intox Punch coming to a bar near you!